About Landmarks

I built this app in 2011 when I first moved to New York City. I fell in love with the architecture and discovered that the city had been creating incredible reports detailing the history of notable landmarks for years– they just weren't easy to find and a PDF isn't the most friendly way to read on the go.

This project was the work of a sole developer, me: Brandon McGraw building this in my spare time on nights and weekends. This project taught me how to code and it's been fun to reflect upon and improve it over the years since.

I hope Landmarks connects you to the city I love and deepens your sense of wonder for all of the history buried within the stones of the streets you walk.

Thanks to the many folks who designed art that bring delight to the app. Armory Tower designed by Vasil Enchev from the Noun Project.Bank designed by Lemon Liu from the Noun Project. Bridge designed by Alex Fuller from the Noun Project. Civic Institution designed by James Fenton from the Noun Project. Clock designed by Mateo Zlatar from the Noun Project. Clubhouse designed by Dan Hetteix from the Noun Project. Commercial Building designed by Mundo from the Noun Project. Firehouse Fire Hydrant designed by Lee Nathan from the Noun Project. Graveyard designed by iconsmind.com from the Noun Project. Hospital designed by Ricardo Augusto Cherem from the Noun Project. Library Book designed by Ben Rex Furneaux from the Noun Project. Religious Church designed by Lance Weisser from the Noun Project. Houses designed by Laurène Smith from the Noun Project. Theater designed by Murali Krishna from the Noun Project. Tram designed by Jamison Wieser from the Noun Project.

Thanks to: The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission for its ongoing efforts to document and protect the history of New York City, Neighborhood Preservation Center for their complete archive of scanned designation reports, Emilio Guerra on Flickr for his beautiful series of public landmark photos that were amazing reference tools, Matej Bukovinski for MBProgressHUD, tonymillion for Reachability, and Google for the Street View Image API.